Sunday, October 14, 2012


Back of latest quilt.  I wanted it to be "interesting" and fun.
Think it turned out that way!
 Quilt was done "quilt as you go" sort of--sewed four blocks together (each block was about 23 inches square) so ended up with a pretty good size square.  Backing was a piece of black with a strip of two reds--one piece much larger than the other.  Wanted it to be random in the back so didn't pay attention to how that red strip went onto each square other than to line it up so it'd be straight.  Sewed two of the big squares together on front, trimmed batting and then hand stitched the back seams.  Next I sewed those two double-square pieces together and finished back seams.  There is no way with my old shoulders that quilting could be done on the whole quilt.  

It's ready to bind, but may wait for a day or two since left shoulder is a bit unhappy after wrestling with the whole thing to sew the back.  Wanting it to be done for Blogger's Quilt Festival ( ) when I can show the whole thing.  It's for family and hoping they don't pay attention to my blog!!  But, it still won't be quite the same as seeing it in person.  The fabrics are really pretty and that Interlocking Seasons Block is one of my all-time favorite.
Nothing to do with quilting, but dark brown and red!  Aren't they adorable?  My grandson, Adam the younger, and I made them.  They  even have a creamy filling that he had fun cutting the holes and piping the cream into.  We made 18 of these cuties so he could take two home for each of his family and leave a couple for my brother--if he gets up here tonight!!!

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