Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adam's Book Cover

Little Adam (named for his Uncle Adam who's very tall) with  fantastic
book cover he made yesterday
Adam practicing sewing a puzzle on paper--if you look closely you'll see the tip of  his tongue sticking out as he concentrates--a sure sign he's related to me!  First time at a sewing machine and he was quite precise on all those l
More practice showing window where he can look out and see our hills and mountains--when it's clear enough (in the kitchen area where we set up a temporary sewing room). We've had over a month of smokiness due to wildfires all around us.  Today was pretty good because of a slight breeze--don't want too many miles per hour movement or it exacerbates the fires.  So thankful for fire fighters who's worked so hard in central Washington to save people and their property.  Can hardly wait for possible rain this weekend!!
 Didn't get as many pictures as I thought I had for the process.  He did a great job of ironing, cutting, and sewing. We used the book "Sewing Machine Fun For Kids" from Possibilities for directions to make this and for pages we could print out for him to sew on.
I worked with his older sister, Sagie, and a book about one yard projects for her to make a bag; above you can see his older brother, Trey, working on a pouch bag he wanted to make and just figured out himself.  Those didn't get done as they had to go home.  We plan to "facetime" to get those finished.  We get to "keep" Adam for the rest of the week.  So nice to not have quiet all the time for a change.

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