Saturday, October 27, 2012

In The Leafy Tree Tops--The Birdies Are Singing

Full Quilt is about 36 x 45.  From Material Obsession quilt book my son and                                                                                daughter in law gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.   It has lots of wonderful
Detail of bottom left.    Did swirls in the white "window" areas with a variegated  white /tourquoise
thread.  In outer white area did stars in a golden thread, and used sort of a silvery gray
to do a heart-shaped leafs to hold down each prairie point.
Have had the quilt top done and sandwiched for a long time--over a year I think, but finally decided to get it done the other day.  My sweet husband, again, stretched it on our little quilting frame and pinned it for me.  After quilting, I bound it in the same brown that's the window frame.  It's a Christmas present--yay, I have one done!  My goal for rest of this year and next is to finish wip's for a change and try REALLY hard not to start something new.  Of course, people get married and have babies, so sometimes it means changes.

 Am in the midst of quilting a baby quilt--managed to tear a tiny hole in it when thread got caught, so had to take a break!  (dang, dang, dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Will figure out some appliques now to cover it and have a couple others on there for balance.  Am really happy with the quilting so far.  Got some inspiration from Blogger's Quilt Festival quilts for what I'm doing on it and Leah Day's fmq videos.  Just love the internet for all the talent, tutorials, quilts, all things inspirational that's out there.

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