Saturday, October 27, 2012

In The Leafy Tree Tops--Deux

Meant to include lyrics to In The Leafy Tree Tops song, which is one I sang to and with my children their whole lives.  I've just found out it's one of my twinnie girlie girls' (granddaughters) favorite song. Anyway: here are the lyrics, and down below is a hotlink to the music that you can listen to and print out if you wish. 

In the leafy tree tops the birds sing, "Good Morning."  They're first to see the sun; they must tell every one.  In the leafy tree tops the birds sing "Good Morning."
In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding.  "How do you do?" they say.  "How do you do today?"  In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding.
That last verse has always been a bit confusing to little children, who would often ask why the flowers were naughty as that's what it sounded like to them!  

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Swedish Scrapper said...

Oh how very sweet! I used to make up melodies to a few of the books I read to my kids and I just found out how much they adored them. Kids just thrive with music, huh? Love your quilt of the same name. Applique looks so cheerful agsinst white!