Saturday, October 27, 2012

In The Leafy Tree Tops--Deux

Meant to include lyrics to In The Leafy Tree Tops song, which is one I sang to and with my children their whole lives.  I've just found out it's one of my twinnie girlie girls' (granddaughters) favorite song. Anyway: here are the lyrics, and down below is a hotlink to the music that you can listen to and print out if you wish. 

In the leafy tree tops the birds sing, "Good Morning."  They're first to see the sun; they must tell every one.  In the leafy tree tops the birds sing "Good Morning."
In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding.  "How do you do?" they say.  "How do you do today?"  In my pretty garden the flowers are nodding.
That last verse has always been a bit confusing to little children, who would often ask why the flowers were naughty as that's what it sounded like to them!  

In The Leafy Tree Tops--The Birdies Are Singing

Full Quilt is about 36 x 45.  From Material Obsession quilt book my son and                                                                                daughter in law gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.   It has lots of wonderful
Detail of bottom left.    Did swirls in the white "window" areas with a variegated  white /tourquoise
thread.  In outer white area did stars in a golden thread, and used sort of a silvery gray
to do a heart-shaped leafs to hold down each prairie point.
Have had the quilt top done and sandwiched for a long time--over a year I think, but finally decided to get it done the other day.  My sweet husband, again, stretched it on our little quilting frame and pinned it for me.  After quilting, I bound it in the same brown that's the window frame.  It's a Christmas present--yay, I have one done!  My goal for rest of this year and next is to finish wip's for a change and try REALLY hard not to start something new.  Of course, people get married and have babies, so sometimes it means changes.

 Am in the midst of quilting a baby quilt--managed to tear a tiny hole in it when thread got caught, so had to take a break!  (dang, dang, dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Will figure out some appliques now to cover it and have a couple others on there for balance.  Am really happy with the quilting so far.  Got some inspiration from Blogger's Quilt Festival quilts for what I'm doing on it and Leah Day's fmq videos.  Just love the internet for all the talent, tutorials, quilts, all things inspirational that's out there.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interlocking Seasons Quilt

Dear Hubby tried taking several different pictures--inside mostly, but  they just didn't turn out.  He wanted to hang it from monster paper clip things off of nails mounted on deck rail--NO!!!  Finally, he tried out over the railing and bench--think it turned out really nice and love how the rose bush was so accommodating to coordinate!!
Just love this quilt and excited to share it at Blogger's Quilt Festival!  When first seeing the Interlocking Seasons block tutorial on The Parfait Cafe  (, I just knew it was something worth trying out.  Was needing a nice block for my nephew and his sweet wife--John and Nikki wedding quilt.  I made up a sample in reds/golds/black and it was complicated at first, but so stunning. Here's the post where I tell about making the blocks and how I lined things up:;postID=7142662119301878825  After the first few, I figured out to do it assembly line style--and it really helps to re-read the instructions several times with complicated blocks.  She had some very good hints that would have saved me a lot of un-sewing!
A finished block with black triangles.  Someone commented they                                                                                            wished there were pictures of one of them, so here it is!!
A finished inner block--at one point thought about just using these and not adding the black triangles, but really love it en point!  
 Nikki sent me a sample of her red--sure glad she did as it was more on the marroon scale.  It was so sad that I HAD to buy more fabric...HAHAHA!   Pattern uses 1.25 strips and makes up into 12.5 inch square.  I wanted a large block, so doubled it and used 2 inch strips (to double something, deduct 1/2 inch for seam allowances (.75), multiply by two (1.5), then add back in the seam allowances.  Did the same thing for all lengths and just plugged those into the chart.  My squares ended up being about 23 1/2 inches.  The inner square is beautiful alone and have lots of extras since at first I thought about making it without the black triangles putting it en point.  I'll be making runners and whatever with all the extras.  It's always fun for me to find I'm in love with new combos of colors I never thought I'd care for before!  
Showing back with funky red pieces (didn't want to buy more black and what I had wasn't big enough so added red strips from fabrics in the front)--this was quilted in four large squares made up of four blocks each.  I sewed two of the large squares together on the front by machine, then handstitched the back seam to make two long sections.  Then sewed those sections together and again stitched that long seam.  Because of shoulder problems, I can't handle a huge piece like this to machine quilt it and the quilt as you go (qayg) worked ok.

Showing whole back with the random red strips--specifically did not want it to be matchy matchy so other than making sure they would line up, I didn't care where they were as sandwiched each piece (actually as DH sandwiched and pinned each piece--he's definitely a keeper) 

It's fantastic that Amy is willing to host the quilt festival each year.  It's always full of amazing inspiration and so many opportunities to learn something new while "meeting" oodles of talented   quilters out there! Thanks so much, Amy!!! Go to her site from October 26 to November 9.  You will be amazed by the hundreds of participants there.  For some reason, I have never figured out how to add those buttons you click on--need my daughter to fix it for me!!

It's about 94 inches square.  Decided not to add borders and very happy with that.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Back of latest quilt.  I wanted it to be "interesting" and fun.
Think it turned out that way!
 Quilt was done "quilt as you go" sort of--sewed four blocks together (each block was about 23 inches square) so ended up with a pretty good size square.  Backing was a piece of black with a strip of two reds--one piece much larger than the other.  Wanted it to be random in the back so didn't pay attention to how that red strip went onto each square other than to line it up so it'd be straight.  Sewed two of the big squares together on front, trimmed batting and then hand stitched the back seams.  Next I sewed those two double-square pieces together and finished back seams.  There is no way with my old shoulders that quilting could be done on the whole quilt.  

It's ready to bind, but may wait for a day or two since left shoulder is a bit unhappy after wrestling with the whole thing to sew the back.  Wanting it to be done for Blogger's Quilt Festival ( ) when I can show the whole thing.  It's for family and hoping they don't pay attention to my blog!!  But, it still won't be quite the same as seeing it in person.  The fabrics are really pretty and that Interlocking Seasons Block is one of my all-time favorite.
Nothing to do with quilting, but dark brown and red!  Aren't they adorable?  My grandson, Adam the younger, and I made them.  They  even have a creamy filling that he had fun cutting the holes and piping the cream into.  We made 18 of these cuties so he could take two home for each of his family and leave a couple for my brother--if he gets up here tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adam's Book Cover

Little Adam (named for his Uncle Adam who's very tall) with  fantastic
book cover he made yesterday
Adam practicing sewing a puzzle on paper--if you look closely you'll see the tip of  his tongue sticking out as he concentrates--a sure sign he's related to me!  First time at a sewing machine and he was quite precise on all those l
More practice showing window where he can look out and see our hills and mountains--when it's clear enough (in the kitchen area where we set up a temporary sewing room). We've had over a month of smokiness due to wildfires all around us.  Today was pretty good because of a slight breeze--don't want too many miles per hour movement or it exacerbates the fires.  So thankful for fire fighters who's worked so hard in central Washington to save people and their property.  Can hardly wait for possible rain this weekend!!
 Didn't get as many pictures as I thought I had for the process.  He did a great job of ironing, cutting, and sewing. We used the book "Sewing Machine Fun For Kids" from Possibilities for directions to make this and for pages we could print out for him to sew on.
I worked with his older sister, Sagie, and a book about one yard projects for her to make a bag; above you can see his older brother, Trey, working on a pouch bag he wanted to make and just figured out himself.  Those didn't get done as they had to go home.  We plan to "facetime" to get those finished.  We get to "keep" Adam for the rest of the week.  So nice to not have quiet all the time for a change.