Saturday, January 21, 2012

Starry Night Mystery BOM blocks are done! YAY!!!

Starry Night Mystery BOM was offered by Wish Upon a Quilt ( think in late 2010, so I signed up. Van Gogh's Starry Night is one of my all time favorite paintings and loved going to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam years ago. Just HAD to do this BOM though I'd never done one. It included a new kit each month, directions, two fat quarters and a black strip. There was enough each month to save for the alternate blocks that will be used to fill in between these blocks, plus extra--if you cut carefully. Most months there were leftovers, but sometimes...well, if someone spaced a bit there wouldn't be :)!! Once or twice I didn't care for a fabric and substituted something I had.
My ddil really liked the first block--orange/blue on top right of first picture, so I decided another quilt would be fun to do and sometimes part of next set was the same, but mostly it includes material from my stash.
Then I decided it would be fun to make blocks out of batiks--this time I decided I'd want one and my dd might, too. Just saying! Anyway...there are four sets of each block. Very happy with how they've turned out. Didn't have any idea how it would all look and wasn't sure I'd like alternate blocks but think they are going to look nice all together. Alternate blocks have a pinwheel in middle of a mostly black square. Pinwheels are made using fabrics in main blocks. shows drawing of what whole quilt would look like in fewer colors. Saw a finished quilt top on facebook with 15 main squares and 15 alternates that looks very nice, but except for one block in batiks I'm not too happy with, think they're set as is. Pretty much have all hst's for alternates and some of background rectangles cut. It works out to ALOT of hst's but I enjoy making them most of the time. It adds up to almost 2,200 hst's for all four quilts. Do not think I'll ever attempt something like this ever again, but I do want to do Sylvia's Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts and hope to start on that this year. Of course, I should get those UFO's all done, too!

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Barb said...

These fabrics in your quilt are awesome....I love them, so bright and fun!