Thursday, June 30, 2011


Two latest finished creations are staying at our home. Stained-glass one just screamed "Eileen" when I saw it since it's got the ladybug and pansies, which are one of my favorites and in colors I adore. It was a pain to make...not because of directions or pattern, but because basting glue I used just didn't work well. It was a different glue than she suggested so that might make the difference!! To do another stained-glass pattern I'd use fusible web. Made bias because just couldn't see paying money it would have cost to get iron-on type. Of course, for ease, it would have been a lot easier. Someone posted about a glue stick something like lapel stick and might try that another time. Ended up buying one of those bendable lights for my machine and an open toed foot as my old eyes just couldn't see what was going on for sewing bias. Love both of them for other things, too and got a pretty good deal on light at a local sewing machine store. Batiks were used for both of these projects. The fish one was a birthday present to dear hubby...who picks out most of my fabrics for me!! He loves it and it was ridiculously easy!! It's a Ryan Mckenna design. I used corner triangles for hanging it: shows how to do it. My dear sil hung it up in hall, then cute grandson Trey, made sure to take Boppa out to see it...had to walk him by it a couple times before he noticed it!!

They're similar in size...about 24 x 32.


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Both quilts are gorgeous!!!!

Teje said...

Hello Eileen! I love these quilts and especially with those beautiful fishes! I am making birds and had in my thoughts to make later also fishes! Thank you for inspiration!
Have a great summer! Teje