Saturday, July 9, 2011


This is my first truly wonky block. I've done wonky stars before and love them, but Frauke Schramm: inspires me to try something bolder. Her header quilt is just stunningly beautiful to me! This block is for a scrap bee at Sew Fresh Fabrics: They provided all fabrics in the block except the white/black floral. We could use them anyway we wanted as long as end results were 12.5 x 12.5 inches. Started out just making a pinwheel center. small green border and two different flower sides with green corners and was going to just continue until it was the right size, but then something just hit me--HAD to try something wonky. The more that got added, the more I wanted to add and it just needed to be wonkier and wonkier. It's probably not that crazy to many, but it was so much fun and now a whole quilt of wonkiness is crying out to me! I've told myself that has to wait until at least three finished quilt tops get sandwiched, Baskets in Bloom quilt gets assembled and quilted and Supernova gets done, too. Being organized and disciplined isn't my forte at all!

Didn't get a picture of first part of block, but this shows most of the original exercise. Next two show more of the progression. I wanted to leave the pinwheel pretty much intact since I was pretty happy with my points!!

The blocks will be made into a quilt for Magaret's Hope Chest--a really lovely way a lady and her daughter have chosen to honor their mother/grandmother who was killed during a senseless purse snatching. I truly admire their ability to forgive and try to help those who ended up killing Margaret Herrema, their families and now others impacted because of imprisonment of a family member.


Barb said...

Now that is different.....I really like it!

Linda said...

The black and white just makes it pop! Perfect!

quilthexle said...

First I saw your block and thought - cool, I like that one! next thing I see is my name ... and that my work inspired you. THANK YOU so much for making my day !! It just feels so good to see that my experimental sewing inspires somebody else to try an experiment, too. Thank you again,