Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sewing Machine Blues And Bunches Of Color

My machine is driving me nuts!! It's so in need of a tuneup but we live 125 miles away from my authorized repair shop. When I bought the sweet thing, Eddie,(the owner of the sewing center) lived near us and would pick her up when needed and deliver her back home safe and sound. Things have changed since he's moved. Thankfully we're going past there in a couple weeks, but in the mean time she's being totally irritable--absolutely noisier than normal, not cutting thread like she's supposed to so wasting lots of thread, and a few other irritating things. I can still sew but grrrrr. Oh, well...this too shall pass.

Made three quilt labels with the embroidery part of my machine and tried to ignore the noises coming from it, but regular sewing isn't quite that nerve-wracking so have been working away on my paintbox squares. If you've not seen a paintbox quilt and want directions, go here: She gives the best directions with pictures and supplies needed. Aren't those pink elephants too cute? There are also directions if not wanting a scrappy quilt you can make the classic blocks. here's a picture of a finished quilt: I got a Robert Kauffman jelly roll then used other materials. The blocks are really easy to make. I made up a chart for cutting pieces and labels for each color. It's the only way I could keep track of everything. I goofed on a couple of the strips, but otherwise think there's enough of everything for my daughter to make a quilt too. Am thinking of actually making two lap size quilts instead of one huge one--or maybe even four baby quilts--will just have to see, but it's enjoyable putting them together right now. Oh...just finger pressed seams until got to the middle square (like second and third picture) then ironed, sewed rest of pieces and ironed again--first picture. Worked well for me.

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Ivory Spring said...


Hope your machine blues pass away soon!

Polka dot ribbons would be so cute on Marabella. Can't wait for your next installment of progress pictures.