Monday, August 16, 2010

Beautiful View From Sewing Room

This is the view from my sewing room--isn't it beautiful? I wish you could see the mountains--they're actually there but not really showing up well. Behind the hill you can see which is across the river from us. We live on an acre in the midst of hundreds of acres of cherry, pear and apple orchards with generous neighbors who share with us. That's a wisteria attacking the window. Such a pretty thing to see in the spring. The tall spindly tree in the middle left is a mountain ash
. Wish you could see the berries better as they look like little bouquets tied all over. My paternal grandpa's favorite tree and I remember them in the side yard at their home near his hammock. Most of the trees on our land were planted by my mom and brother--usually from little teensy starts that reminded me of bottle brushes! Mom would buy them from the Forest Service for a couple dollars each.
We had several trees cut down a couple months ago because our view was obscured from all their growth. I love that we again can see The Enchantments while sewing. Such a beautiful area we live in!!

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