Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Baby Girl Quilt Top & Start of Flip a Coin

This little quilt top is from scraps for Olivia's quilt. It's totally different and had so much fun putting together little bits and pieces to make the center part. Just kept building the rectangle with as many scraps as could figure out how to utilize them since the materials are all ones I just love. Then made "coins" for the side's adding a couple materials not in Olivia's. Fons and Porter have a quilt called "flip a coin" that uses a focus fabric, a stripe that coordinates and then using 11-12+ different fabric strips sewn together then sliced to make the coins.

I'm in the midst of making a lap size quilt out of the flip a coin in the very vibrant materials shown here. I sometimes get frustrated trying to cut long strips, so chose to tear (I KNOW that's a no no for some of you, but my shoulders and my psyche sometimes come in on the tearing side). It probably wasn't the best idea with the striped material, but it'll be ok. I envision my little girlie girls and boyly boys wrapped up in it when they come visit with or without their parents and can overlook a few oops places!! Hoping to upload a picture of stripe strips, coins and focus fabrics sewn in one of the sections, but it's not showing up in my email, so will have to load that later.

The pictures were taken with my phone, so not the best in the world, but you get the idea. Baby one was so ridiculously simple. Not exactly lined up on the sides, but happy with it. Thinking of using a vibrant green for a narrow border, but might end up using more pink or yellow and then use the green for the binding . Not sure if it'll have more of a border. Mostly I like smaller baby quilts so they work well with a brand new baby and then baby can drag it around. I try to make sure they're definitely washable and cuddly.

This is my "ironing mat". It's just a folded hand towel, over a quilted pad my sewing machine sits on. The area's not very big--and OOPS! noticed my plastic machine casing has met the iron once, but it works for me. I don't move easily, don't have a place close by the machine where an ironing board will fit anymore , soooooooo...this is the solution. Am thinking it would proably be a good idea to get a tiny travel iron but do like the heft of a regular sized one. It's utile and well utilized by me for most of the ironing needed as sewing progresses. Might try my little teensy ironing thingy next time sewing is in progress, but I tend to grab it in the wrong place all the time where it's HOT!!

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