Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Covers For Eileen's Chair

Randy got me this cool wooden chair a few years ago for the front porch. It sits there year in and year out--weathering nicely. A few years ago we got foam for it and it got covered in just a simple calico. Surprisingly those lasted for several years through hot, hot summers and cold, cold winters where they would be frozen to the chair before we could get them off!! I ordered this beautiful Waverly fabric last year but just made new covers this week. Isn't that material so pretty? I made them slip ons--wrestling the bottom cover on was interesting! Tried putting a plastic bag over the foam so it would slip more easily...not exactly easy getting the bag off. Hubby said to leave it, but I didn't like the crinkly sound, so he and I both struggled getting that out of there. Have several more yards of it and some plains in green and pink, and a couple fun prints I thought would make nice complimentary pillows or trim on here, or the benches and other chairs we have. Now I'm motivated to make more since these turned out so well. Hopefully, we'll have some nice weather and are over the rainy days we've had so many of lately so can enjoy this and the others that will follow!!


Unknown said...

such lovely fabric! i would've liked to have seen the whole bag wrestling episode, sounds like you guys had fun!

Eileen said...

Michele, it wasn't pretty!!!

Janet said...

Nice job, the chair looks very inviting. My biggest pet peeve is the crinkly sound that plastic makes, like candy wrappers or potato chip bags, it drives me crazy, so I could not sit on a chair covered with it either ;-)

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Eileen,

The chair cover is LOVELY - perfect for summer!

Thanks for visiting me and leaving the comment about your framed embroidery. I am planning to do feather quilting on it. I thought that might add some texture to the piece.

Happy Quilting!