Thursday, June 24, 2010

My DARLING Pincushions and some bags

Someone asked on their blog what was my favorite sewing notion. For me, it's the wonderful pincushions DL and Sagie have made for me. DL's says A pin in the cusion is worth two on the floor!! She made it several years ago and it hangs next to my recliner full of pins and needles. You cannot read the words since it's so full of pins, but of course, that's the point--pun totally intended! Attached to it is a little heart shaped one Sagie made for me...not usually any pins in it but it daily reminds me of her sweet love for grandma!! On my sewing machine are three more adorable ones Sagie made for me, also. One is crocheted (it's upside down but says I heart you), other two are sewn from felt and have embroidery designs on them. More reminders of one of her many talents, how much I'm loved and how much I adore her!
The bags were made for my dear friend, Kris, and her granddaughters. Kris's has a left over block from my pickle dish quilt on front and on back. The little girl's bag is for her to carry a drawing pad--she loves bugs, so shared some of my favorite fabrics with the little sweeties on them. The older one's bag is for her knitting--she loves playing the violin so found some strips of fabric with subtle clefs left over from another project. I always have fun making bags--have some really fun ones that hold material, work for travelling, hold medicines, and like to make them for friends that will fit their loves and work for them.


Unknown said...

those look very sweet and useful too!

janet said...

The pin cushions are great! Cute bags too! I have a thing for sweaters and bags, you can never make too many of either ;-)