Friday, June 11, 2010

Giveaway Winner, Angel & Accuquilt Musings

Randy pulled a name out of the little box. The winner is Janet, so contact me. I've sent you an email. If you've tried to respond and not heard from me, write something on here and I'll try again. Just had to include a photo--seems so boring on here other wise! This is the front of a purse made several years ago. Pretty sure fabric around angel embroidery and at the bottom of bag is Mary Engelbreit from a little fq set. Still have a few bits and pieces--am VERY stingy with it as it's so cute. Have some of one of the fabrics in the paintbox quilt in progress.

The giveaway picture to guess about was of some Accuquilt cut pieces--my first cuttings on it. Got it through and it was a good price. Bought two extra dies at the time--6.5 inch square and one with two 5 inch squares. It comes with a die that cuts 4.5 and 2.5 inch square and four little triangles that will make a 2.5 in. square. Didn't register that a cutting mat to fit the 5 inch square die didn't come with it--DUH! Oh, well...feel an excuse to buy another die coming on, so got the one that cuts three sizes of hearts--when they come out with the ladybug one, I'll be all set! At the same time it AGAIN didn't register that it needed a different cutting mat. Double DUH!! This time I sent hubby to JoAnn's to get it--less dangerous than looking online again, plus about the same cost when not having shipping.

Have had to add a piece of paper between material and mat to get accurate squares. Don't know if this is typical but it does say something like that at the bottom of the basic directions--of course I didn't figure this out until after cutting a bunch of squares, looking online about it, calling their customer service about it. Read the directions, Eileen!! Not particularly happy having to do this-- have a ream of paper in my sewing room and a bunch of scraps of paper. Of course, on the positive side...there are lots of wonderfully square pieces of paper to write notes on now. I did recut all the squares cut before--5's became 4.5's. A bit of a pain but wanted perfect squares and now have those.

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Janet said...

Eileen, thanks, I am so excited I won your giveaway!! I emailed you this morning.
The bag in the photo is adorable:)