Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hope you're having a great 4th of July wherever you are, and if you're an American that you're enjoying the bounties and beauties of this wonderful country. We live in a marvelous area--amidst hundreds of acres of apple, cherry and pear trees. We live on an acre of land with many trees and plants my dad, mom and brother have planted over the last 30+ years. We've planted a lot of things in pots, barrels and planters that we also enjoy seeing bloom this time of year. Our view is of beautiful trees, mountains and the river (well...the river in winter when the trees don't have leaves), but we know it's there. A few miles east of us the Wenatchee flows into the Columbia. 35 miles above us is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world--Lake Chelan. If my children lived here life would be complete. As it is, I am constantly thankful for modern communication that allows me to talk with and sometimes even see my darling grandchildren, and their parents. I feel very blessed and thankful to be an American.

My husband was in the U.S. Army and we spent many years moving from place to place. Mostly around the U.S. but also in Germany. That was a special experience. As my dear hubby reminded me today, if you went to the theater on base, the Star Spangled Banner was played before the movie and we all stood at attention and some sang along. Also, for several years if you were on base at 5 p.m. everyone stopped their cars and got out while taps was played--a daily reminder of the sacrifices of thousands and thousands to keep our country safe and secure--and to allow us the right to express our opinions--something not inherent in most countries--even those considered democracies. In case it's not clear, I'm proud to be an American and wish all of you a good day, wherever you are.

Here's a flag quilt Imade for DH a few years ago. It used to hang in his office at the college but now he's sharing a very small office so we get to have it here. Every seam has hand embroidery on it but that doesn't show because it's in matching threads. Hoping to get my Fourth of July table runner done soon--late, but oh, well!!


Unknown said...

beautiful flag quilt! it is gorgeous. i'm canadian by the way, but i can appreciate a nice flag when i see one!

Barb said...

Yes, I was an army brat and my husband was military as well...I know all to well what you are saying.

Have an amazing day!

SewCalGal said...

I too was an Army brat and my DH was also military! I sure do appreciate and respect those who have served and are currently serving.

Beautiful quilt & great post!


PS - I hope all bloggers will AccuQuilts will come join the group I'm trying to connect (more info on my blog and more will be sent out to this group via email soon).

Ivory Spring said...


I hope you have had a great Independence celebration... what a lovely patriotic quilt! Thanks for sharing your Army experience with us.

I enjoyed reading about your black in your spider web quilt... I am really loving using black these days! :)

That quilting you like on the triangles is on this quilt:

Happy Quilting! Have a great week ahead.