Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Bookmarks made with my embroidery unit.  Did a little eyelet stitch with machine. Put fray check on edges 
Every month I send out a newsletter to about 25 ladies from church, a few friends, and my daughter.  When it's their birthday month, there's a little extra something included--some years it's a tiny baggie filled with confetti, sometimes it's been a little candy, one year it was appliqued flower coasters, a hanging birthday greeting, etc.  I try to make up enough for everyone for the year at one time--doesn't always happen!  Anyway...this is what was included this month.  
Base for bookmarks using my cording foot and metallic yarns and tiny ribbons.
Hooped black and gold fabric for backing and base material with pellon between  for stiffness.  Used  small rectangular borders  to delineate three bookmarks.  After embroidering, I used a tiny straight stitch around the edges to make sure everything was sewn down well before cutting out.  
Before cutting them out.  Will use scraps for another project.  Bought a bag of threads and tiny ribbons years ago .  Did a serpentine stitch to hold them down.  Love making "new" fabrics using embellishments.  Wanted something flat for mailing. These were fun and easy to make.  I've couched various threads/ribbons/yarns for years without the cording foot, so if you don't have the foot try this anyway.  My daughter has a different foot with fewer but bigger holes.