Friday, May 28, 2010

Pickle Dish Quilt

Pickle dish "fans" and the corners and the weird piece. The weird piece is the same for every block. Add Video

Below are two pickle dish blocks in progress. The "fans" were foundation pieced using the pattern Kaffee Fassett provided in his book Quilt Romance. My son and his sweet wife gave me the book for Christmas--it has so many quilts in colors and fabrics they knew I would love. Not sure how many, if any, of Kaffee's fabrics are included in the quilt, but he has a great diagram to figure things out. I had a lot of fun playing with fabrics for hours.

Here are a couple finished blocks. Wanted to show lots of the many fabrics I'm using!!

Small pieces of fabrics were taped to his diagram trying to figure it all out. I found it a lot of work just figuring all of it, but had fun with tons of fabrics!! I've done all the foundation pieced "fans," decided which fans would go together with which center oval, decided columns--or was that rows? Now the sewing of the blocks is starting, and was so surprised that the center piece was the hard one to fit in, not the odd outside piece that goes on so easily. Tend to do things in sets, so the oval is being sewn in to each pair of fans and have some of those done. It also fits with my "eat the veggies first" philosophy. Sweet Randy took pictures after he's already planted two roses for me today. What a good hubby he is!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is my hubby's king size quilt. The bridal bouquet one is probably my favorite, but didn't think Randy would want it in there--he did though. It was fun that he liked every block as I made them, but his favorite is the pinwheel--next to bridal bouquet and top right in picture of whole quilt. Block below is one of my favorites--and one of the harder ones. The plane is to commemorate my father in law being a pilot in WW2. B52 I think, not a bi-plane!!!

It's made using Quilt in a day's Victory Garden book. I've made lots of what I call comfy quilts--pieced fronts, often using a fiesta design or something similar then backing with fleece. The first quilt I really made was for my son years ago with blocks I made up with black backgrounds then used a few strips of bright colors to snake across each block randomly. This is the first time I've used precise directions and made a whole quilt. I'm very, very happy with the results. My dear friend Shirley, did the longarm for me. She even put Eileen loves Randy in the black border and some hearts. AND she offered to bind it! I finally got brave enough after trying this binding technique on three smaller projects.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Spiderweb Quilt Finished

These are photos of the finished spiderweb quilt. It's on it's way to our dear friend, Pat. Stars were slightly echo quilted and then criss crossed with a serpentine stitch. Some fancy stitches were done in at least one strip of each section of the spiderwebs using stitches on my machine. Around the black border I used the machine to stitch names of Pat's children and grandchildren--48 in all! Also included a few favorite sayings: charity never faileth, love at home, and I am a child of God. And included the
"label" in the border also instead of putting one on the back. I am very happy with this. Absolutely love the colors--Pat loves red/blue/orange so it's mostly that, with a few materials that have gold on them since she loves that also.

Monday, May 17, 2010 sew mama give away is a fun thing that's going on for next couple days. go there and see about it!! i've seen so many wonderful blogs while doing this.