Sunday, March 31, 2013

Somebunnies To Love

Somebunnies and their carrots to share!
Not sure where the pattern came from for these batik cuties...thought it was Bernina, but can't seem to find it anywhere.  Just a basic bunny pattern with floppy sort of feet.  The carrots were from a video--which I can't seem to locate, either, but it's just basically a triangular/wedge shape sewn along one side to make a cone for carrot.  Mine are about hands' length when sewn.  Turn under about 1/4" and sew a gathering stitch with doubled thread.  Catch leaf  as you sew (two mountain shaped pieces about 2x3 sewn right sides together).  Used forceps to stuff ears, and ends of carrots, then stuffed by hand.  For bunnies I knew were going to children, double sewed the bottoms after stuffing.  Bunnies couldn't have been easier--just sew 1/4" seam all around.  Their feet were definitely floppy as I couldn't seem to get them filled, but figure bunnies have floppy feet anyway!!!!  Very easy to make--made 22 bunnies and 8 carrots for grandkiddos, hubby and some other kiddos.  

Last month or so, I've not been able to sew on my machine because of a sore shoulder.  Could do some applique so worked on a Rose of Sharon block quite a lot and did a couple other things as long as kept arms close to my body.  The other day I got brave enough to try some free motion quilting on a pretty table runner that had been sandwiched for quite some time.  It's made using extra blocks from Clover and Violet's Garden Steps quilt-along:   Absolutely love the colors and got rather addicted to doing their embroidered centers and making up several of my own.
Centers are ones I made up or adapted from something I saw online.  Middle one mimics some of the fabric used in the quilt.