Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Years ago I made silly monster dollies for all my family.  Some were made using patterns or ideas from a book with lots of dolls and ideas for designing your own.  Since hubby and I have this thing about flamingos, his, of course, had to be a flamingo.  My sonny and his wife had given me the book for Christmas one year and while we were all together, everyone got to choose what monster they'd like.  Hubby and a couple others never chose, so I got to play around a lot.

He'd told me years and years ago that he hated those plastic flamingos people put in their yards--especially those living in the north.  He said he'd know "it was over between us" if he ever came home and found one.  That was too much of a dare for me to let go, so from then on I started finding or making flamingos to give him on Valentine's, his birthday, our anniversary or Christmas.  I've had lots of fun doing it and you can see several of the ones I've made, he sometimes buys me,  even family and friends have given us, or a few inspirational ideas found on pinterest here:   http://www.pinterest.com/ladybuglovelies/flamingo-fancies/

Anyway...enjoy the fluffy flying finery!