Thursday, July 12, 2012


Three more blocks from the Garden Steps quilt along.  Two with words I added to their cute designs.  Also some designs of my own: butterfly, heart and ladybug.
Block 8 is a darling birdhouse.  
Banner design.  Had fun adding some different details to the little flags.

This was supposed to be flowers in a basket, but can't get my computer to print and  had to copy by  using tracing paper gingerly held over design.  Flowers are larger than hers and left off basket.

Close up of design with words.  Have tried to live by this motto as we moved around  U.S. and Europe in  lots of moves with Army.  10 moves in first 10 years alone!

Butterfly design adapted from something found online.

My own heart design--basic heart shape with lots of lazy daisy flowers  and some swirlies

HAD to have a ladybug in there somewhere.  My interpretation of a round ladybug design from online--sort of heart  shaped body!
Have several other centers done waiting for "steps".  Trying to do the "have to's" that need doing first.  Clover and Violet are sponsoring this quilt along--really love their designs and ideas for fabrics.  Have added a few extra fabrics found online that go well with the others.  Know my picks don't always follow basic steps design, but love them all.  Look on flickr here:   to see others' interpretations.  If that doesn't work try looking up Clover & Violet :: Quilt Along.

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Cathy at PotterJotter said...

Gorgeous quilt and I just love the way you've personalised it with all your own little motifs (if that's the right word!). xCathy