Monday, May 14, 2012

Magnificent Mother's Day

Mother's Day started Friday with a delivery of these from my son, Adam and his sweet family in NY (with a note attached saying next year we'd be together since they're moving back west after his residency--YAY!):
Later, that evening all sorts of fun and delight broke forth when my daughter, DL, and sweet family drove into the yard.  Lots of hugs, kisses, sweetness and goodness with six of our grandchildren, and their parents here for a couple days.  We had a great time.

  Saturday, Trey and Adam (12 & 10) super helped Randy and I in the garden.  Should clarify by saying mostly I supervised all they did and I did a bit of weeding and replanting of containers they brought up to me to work on.  It looks so nice out there and all grandkiddos love playing in the water--jumping over my darling ladybug sprinkler DH got me years ago, filling cups with water to try soaking each other with, watering with my can or the hose.  Flowers and plants greatly appreciated everyone's efforts!

Sunday girlie girls and boyly boys, their mom and I used embroidery floss to stitch together the little top I'm working on for Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Trey & Sabrina under pulling their threads through; Sagie, Sydney & Spencer (with mom's help) sewing.  It was great working together and love each one of those precious stitches.  Some still needs to be done so will do that myself, but just barely as I love what they've already done!
 Little Spencer watering...that little boy has so much energy and is a joy to watch.  He also has a collection of rocks he started last time they were here that's amassing on our front porch--think he needs a book about rocks for his upcoming birthday?
 DL made this fantastic couched floss cover for a gratitude journal.  She included information from to be thankful for three things each day so at the end of a year you've listed over 1000.  Such a cool idea.  Some of what she printed out with ideas of what and when to be thankful
Trey made this wonderful walking stick for me--love the area he carved out and sanded for me to hang on.  Stick has lichen on it--fantastic.    Batiks DH gave me--aren't they lovely?!
Kiddos each did a mosaic paper picture for their momma, then I glued them together and added glittered words.  Love that saying!
 Adam, Trey, Sabrina and DL sewing.

Sabrina stitching--super concentration on her part for sure!  Randy and Fred made a delicious dinner of ham, new red mashed potatoes, and strawberry spinach salad.  Sagie helped me make chocolate chip, peanut butter chip, pretzel pieces cookies--just yum!  All in all, wonderful day and weekend.  Thanks everyone!

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Dielle said...

It was such a nice weekend! I'm glad we could spend it together!!!