Thursday, October 6, 2011


Thirty-some years ago, while living in Germany with my active duty hubby, I designed this wall hanging to represent our family. The house is the family home in Utah of my husband's grandparents. He spent many happy times there and I was privileged to spend a few myself...including in the VERY cold upstairs bedroom. My very talented sister in law, Dianne, did a block print of it as part of her studies at BYU and is the inspiration for the house.

The orchard, mountains, and lake represent my side of the family. My mother's family was and some still are orchardists, my father's was and some still are farmers. We've always loved the mountains and lakes and ocean with their fishing possibilities of Washington state. The people are myself, hubby, our girl and boy and my brother. At the time of this, my parents lived on a 5 acre orchard, and we now live in the home, but on just one acre without orchard but lots of greenery mostly planted by mom and brother John.

I entered this in a contest sponsored by a military publication and won honorable mention, so was very pleased that others enjoyed it, too. All the sewing was done on my then new Pfaff machine and free hand. Had a lot of fun making it and still love looking at it now.

This above is the surprise. It's part of a very rough drawing of a quilt in progress for a special couple. I LOVE the colors and layout so may have to someday make me one!


Dielle said...

That little quilt is so sweet and I've loved it since I was a kid!

Linda said...

How wonderful that you have a quilt to reinforce those memories!
I love the rough drawing. That would certainly be a beautiful quilt!

Anonymous said...

I loved this wall hanging then and love it now. You continue to bring me comfort and peace. Thanks for all the happiness you bring to my life. Randy

quilthexle said...

Memories, sweet memories - thanks for sharing! Looking forward to see more of the "surprise", it looks very tempting !!!