Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Time to sew and flowers with words fabrics, go together. Red print and red floral go together.

While looking for directions for making a cloth tray, I came across a tutorial for cloth flower bowls at Poppy Lane: Such a great tutorial with fantastic pictures. I'm including some of my rather sad pictures taken with my phone, because the fabrics are different from hers and just wanted to show you! She said to make the stitches about 1/8th inch in from one of the notches, mine are about 1/4 inch and wonder if up more would make them a bit deeper.

Also think it would be fun to put some batting into bottom of dish, then put a piece of plastic (cut our from one of those flexible cutting boards?) under that and sew around to make it a pin cushion. My friend is using hers for collecting business cards.

This is a place for square cloth trays: at bottom of that post are several hot links for other trays/boxes, etc. Have only done flower ones and they are super easy.