Friday, May 6, 2011


Saw these flowers made on Fons and Porter's show last week. It was on a show about weaving fabric--such a cool thing that must be tried later! Found an equilateral pentagon someplace online and traced it as best I could from my screen. There are directions online for drawing a perfect one. Mine's imperfect, but works just fine! It's about 3" on a side.

Cut two pieces for each flower--mine were contrasting. Sew 1/4" seam, leaving opening on one side. Clip corners and turn--use bodkin to poke out corners. Whip stitch opening. With doubled thread, start sewing at "a" and finish at "z". Pull thread up from knotted end for about three of the petals--they start to curve; pull up from needle end for rest. Tie off. Flower is done but can add beads in center, or make a yo-you for center--about a 2" circle is what I used. Then sewed it on with stitches from center to make divisions. Also sewed three yellow glass beads to center of each flower and little ladybug charm. Every know got tied at least three times because these are going to little girls. Also sewed a pin back to each of them so can be a brooch or pinned on a head band. Applied fray check to every knot.

Voila! Easy peasy--have fun. (just added single flower--so much better picture by hubby!!)


Barb said...

so cute, thanks for the pattern!

What Comes Next? said...

so very cute!