Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is the latest part of making up my Christmas quilt. I made about 30 different blocks with directions from the book I mentioned, things seen online and other ideas I found. Can you tell that wonky stars are a favorite? A few of the squares turned out a lot larger than can really be used in this project so will probably be pillows or tiny quilts unto themselves.

Am doing a lot of experimentation with placement and thinking there might have to be more squares, but there just might be some open areas that have embroidered Christmas sayings on them!! Will see. I had a lot of fun making all these squares up--like doing that to figure out if it's something a whole quilt would be to my liking. The material is mostly from a layer cake by Kate Spain for Moda. The colors are wonderful and look pretty good on here (taken with phone outside on deck bench). Don't have any idea about the other fabrics.
I know this isn't anything to do with quilting, but wanted to share this cool picture dh took today for me...it's stacked rocks someone did right off the highway on the way to our home. I hope they last for a long time. Usually, I zip past this area because BIG rocks occasionally come down there and deer are often seen/hit here. Mostly, I drive in the left lane near here but yesterday coming back from lunch I was in the right lane and happened to glance over to see this fun sight! A friend said someone has made similar stacks in the city park a few miles up the road. Whatever induced someone to do it, I'm thankful...a little piece of whimsy to enjoy. So, thanks to them!


Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful Christmas blocks, Eileen! I am ready for Christmas looking at them. :)

Barb said...

Love your Christmas blocks...