Friday, February 5, 2010

Victory quilt and my wonderul son

I'm in the midst of making a quilt for Randy. It's from Quilt In A Day's Victory Quilts book and I made 19 of the 20 blocks in it, making two of one block that Randy liked the best. The book has super excellent directions and I also got a lot of information from online videos to go along with the book. This is just the strips so far and not the exact way they will go in the quilt. There will be horizontal lattic strips interspersed with small squares, then I've made ribbon borders for it that will be the inner border and will have a black border and backing. It's been a lot of work--I was wondering how many seams I've sewn on it so far!! Maybe some day I'll figure it out. There are also a few appliqued stars I may add to two of the blocks. Not sure how it will be quilted. I don't think my shoulders are up to trying to machine quilt and my hands and wrists are definitely not up to hand quilting it. Will see.

Right is a little taggy blankie I made for my darling little Gavin a couple years ago. Really easy. Out of two different fleeces about 16 inches square, embroidered on one side then folded 3 inch ribbon pieces all around. Back side is a bubbly minky fleece in green.

Adam is doing his residency in anesthesiology and I made some scrubs caps for him when he graduated from UW med. school a couple years ago, then made a few more at Christmas 2009. It was fun that he could give away a bunch of the UW ones to some friends.


Vicki said...

Hi! The quilt is gorgeous. I think my favorite block is the one on the bottom row, 2nd from left. Cool scrub cap too. When I had my baby girl the anesth. had a MU scrub cap on, I will always remember it (and him).

Jenny said...

The quilt looks great! Sounds like a major project!