Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Darling Girlies and their Silly Ladybug Quilt

Finally, the girlies' ladybug quilt. My three adorable grandaughters loved this--Boppa-- aka Randy--says it looks like chickens. It's from a magazine my dear neighbor, Shirley gave me because she knows I love ladybugs. It was originally in black and white with reds. It matches Sydney, Sagie and Sabrina's shirts!! Of course, they're so much cuter than it is!!!!!!! Now I need to get a picture of my boyly's and the tesselating fish foundation pieced wall hanging.

Randy's quilt top all done. I forgot my mother's advice to NEVER sew faster than you can sew straight, so "got" the opportunity to resew one of the seams between ribbon border and the inner black strip because every single place where the red and blue meet on that border there was a little dip in the sewing. Bet my mother is smiling in heaven about this!! I'm so happy with this quilt. Not sure exactly what the next step will be. Don't think my shoulders could handle the strain of trying to quilt it on my machine or by hand. I can't stand for the time required to quilt it on the machine the local quilt shop rents at the store. Their longarm quilt person is on indefinite leave. Will just have to wait for now. This is from the Victory Quilt in a Day book.

This is another Quilt in a Day design--Day & Night book. It's going to be a table runner/wall hanging. It's made from strips, then cut with the template included in the book. You cut strips in various widths, sew them together in a specific way and then cut them in a specific way. It works out that there are leftover pieces that can then be made into other things when you sew them together. It requires precise sewing, but it's quite easy. I am only using two of the large squares and put a narrow strip between the two. You can't really tell, but the black material has kanji--Japanese characters. I'm not saying who this is for at this point, but it's someone who hopefully will appreciate those!! This one is do-able on the machine.

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