Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seven Garden Steps Blocks

Jennie and Clara, at Clover and Violet: http://www.cloverandviolet.com/p/stitch-quilt-along-index.html are sponsoring Garden Steps Quilt Along.  They started in February, but I've just gotten started.  Debated doing it because centers feature hand embroidery and I've not done that in years.  Finally decided it was needful!  All material had to be ordered online and at several shops to get it all, but that's ok and happy to now have all the fabrics called for. 

Added something extra to most of the embroideries.  This one has apples on the tree--we live on Apple Road, by the way.  And added "carved" R and E plus a heart for hubby and I.
Daisy block
Dragonfly block.
Flowers block

Tulips in Basket
Three Flower Block
First Seven Embroideries
 While waiting for Good Fortune fabrics to come, I started the embroideries.  Had to add sashing to a couple of them since used pieces that were smaller than center was supposed to be.  One looks ok, other a bit cattywampus, but hopefully quilting and washing will help hide that.  Directions called for making blocks before embroidering but that wouldn't work well for me--don't like the extra fabric to deal with while working the stitches.
Fiskar's fabric cutter.  LOVE this for cutting strips!


Barb said...

Those blocks are so adorable and the fabrics you are using are just fabulous!

Melissa said...

I love your blocks. Hand embroidery scares me so I haven't given it a try yet.

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

I love your blocks!