Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whole Grain Bread and Rolls--Try It...You'll Love It!

hot baked rolls and loaf with butter on topThis is one of the best bread recipes I've ever used. My dough is a variation of Chef Brad's 10 grain bread here: http://www.chefbrad.com/grain/free-recipes_view.php?category=Bread&recipeid=170&rcatid=3 My recipe started with 1 cup of multi grain cracked cereal, 1 cup of rolled oats and about 1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds. Next was oil and sugar instead of xagave nectar. Could use honey, molasses, maple syrup, turbinado, or brown sugar. Someone I knew used to use ground up apples or applesauce in bread instead of oil or butter--do not know if it's equal amounts. Didn't have dough enhancer, but think that's mainly to help bread not be as dense--like it dense, personally. For flours I used a mixture of coarsely ground whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour and white flour. Forgot salt, but seldom use amount listed anyway. Used 2 T. yeast and it rose very quickly. Next time I'd probably just go with his suggestion to not worry about risings. At least for loavesbreaking off handful for a roll
Sorry for lousy picture but it shows how to grab a piece of dough then pinch off a handful.
handful of dough for a roll
Handful of dough almost ready to put on oiled sheet pan. I just roll them around in my hand for a bit to get a pretty smooth ball. You can work the dough around to the bottom to smooth it out if you wish--that's what I do with the loaves. Doesn't matter too much what the bottom looks like as it'll rise and smooth out, but you can work at making it smoother and sort of tuck everything in.
dough ready to shape into loaf
Bottom of large piece almost ready to shape into a loaf--needs a bit more smoothing
top side of dough before shaping
Smooth top, ready to shape into a loaf as wish. Could just leave round, put in a pan, or shape into oblong shape as shown below.
slashes on shaped loaf
Shaped loaf with slashes. The resulting loaf was spread out and flat since it rose a bit longer. He suggested just shaping and put into a pan, then right into the oven. I decided to let it rise. Happy with rolls, less happy with loaf, but it all tastes delicious. Made this last week and sprinkled dried oregano, thyme and parmesan on top--super wonderful in sandwiches, toasted or the toasted cheese sandwiches we did with thin slices of apple and a variety of cheeses--cheddar, havarti and on some blue cheese.
buttering hot roll top
Buttering tops. Find it easiest to use butter in the wrapper and uses less than if melt it and spread on tops. Try this recipe--even if all you've got available is rolled oats, it will be delicious!! My favorite flour is King Arthur : http://www.kingarthurflour.com/ Ours came from Wenatchee Safeway. Bob's Red Mill 8 Grain Cereal came from Wenatchee Health Food Store, as did raw sunflower seeds and other flours not used in this batch. My friend swears by Fred Meyers for all sorts of grains, so would like to look there. Other things you could put in the bread would be granola--maybe crush it some or put in Cuisinart or blender a bit. Also, could add a bran cereal.

I have happy, happy memories of my maternal grandmother making the highest bread and rolls--swear they were 6 inches high!! She had a huge pan that fit a cazillion rolls or three large loaves. My 80+ year old auntie still makes about 8 loaves of bread a week, most of which she gives away. One of the first times my hubby came to visit me in my college apartment I was making bread--he was impressed!! :) And, the house sure smells good when you're baking it. So...again, try it!


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