Friday, September 23, 2011


My beautiful new Annabella Bag! (washable stabilizer is still on 3-D flower)Lining with pockets sewn onto them and swivel catch attached. These are nice, ample pockets. On narrow pen pocket, I put in a pen then sewed across about 1 inch or so up from bottom so pen wouldn't fall clear down. Flap ready to be sewn on. My only real complaint about pattern is nothing telling me where to put magnetic snap and it turned out not really to my liking but, oh, well!! Next time will be different.

Insides of bag showing iron on fleece and opening for turning. I did leave about 7-8 inches instead of what they said--hard to turn as it was. I couldn't find the exact foundation pellon she said, so used what local quilt shop suggested and doubled it. It gives it a nice heft, so think it worked fine . Outsides ready to be sewn. Oh, used my own fabrics, not a jelly roll.

Pattern from Cool Cat Creations and there's a matching little clutch if you want. Love it and enjoyed most of the making of it. It's a big bag so have actually figured out how to decrease the pattern to 75% which I think is a better size. I'll be making bags that size for dd and dgd soon. They've helped the process by figuring out their own colors, preparing strips and tracing flowers onto fusible web. Making strips and sewing them were most tedious part and maneuvering big heavy pieces of foundation pellon wasn't my idea of fun except as new "fabric" emerged. All in all this is definitely something to make again.


Michele said...

Ohhh Eileen... I am liking this alot!! Beautiful!!!!!

Vicki said...

It's beautiful!

Jenny said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

When Eileen does something she always creates it with her great taste. Love this bag!