Thursday, February 17, 2011


The "possible" bag winner is Sue H. She said this on her comment, "I practically lived in flip flops when I was a kid, but the strap between my toes seems less comfortable now. My favorite flip flops are in a quilt my niece made. Here's a picture of it: The bag is so cute- and looks so handy. Thanks for the chance!Just signed up to follow- fun blog!"

I want to make a couple comments about the giveaway, and these are comments I've seen on other blogs, and also on blogs who list giveaways each week: Read what the "rules" are for the contest...if they say to write about birds, don't forget to do that. Also, if you your email is set for no-reply, I can't get in touch with you. This is the second giveaway I've done and both times people forgot to do that. It's frustrating not being able to include everyone in the drawing because one or both of these weren't paid attention to--it always makes me feel so badly especially after you've taken the time to make a comment. I know I've made the mistake of not having an email listed--when I first got online I think I signed up for about 100 giveaways in some special week-long contest spree and have always wondered if I actually won something but no one could get in touch with me!!

Also, I'd love to be able to give away a bag to everyone...if I ever find where to get the directions, I'll post it on here so you can make one if you'd like. DAUGHTER FOUND THE SITE FOR THE BAG, SO GO HERE:

Congratulations to Sue and everyone have a great day!

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Congrats to the winner!