Friday, March 26, 2010

Spiderweb Quilt Top Done

The red/white and black star quilt is a table runner. It's for a special occasion soon. I tried binding it with the tutorial at Sew Inspired. The directions are very easy to follow. Because my hands are a bit arthritic, I wanted to try the final sewing by machine--it turned out I had to pick out some of it and then sew by hand! The brightly colored one is the finished spider web quilt without the borders yet. It's not as cattywampus as it looks--Randy measured it and it's pretty much square. I'm not sure what the borders will be. Thinking of red or orange for a narrow border, then either a dark blue or the same black as the stars for a wide outer border. I absolutely love how it worked out--had thought it would be 2 blocks wide and 4 long, but like this better. Hopefully, by the end of next week I'll have Randy's quilt longarmed and a binding on it. My ever faithful Brother is acting up some--crying for some tlc? It's going in for a tune-up this weekend. Am sure it will be thankful for some lube and whatever else they do when they work their magic at Quality Sewing in Issaquah.
My pickle dish pieces are all cut out and actually have three of ALOT of squares done. Sure glad I've done a lot of other sewing throughout my life and all the experience gained lately through doing the Victory and Day & Night quilts. The pickle dish one is a lot of work, but so exciting to see the pieces becoming blocks. I've also got my little twinnies' comfy quilts almost done. Always seem to have many, many projects going at once--it works for me to work that way most of the time so I don't burn out on one particular thing.
My Auntie Bettie said she has a quilt she's wanting to do for my cousin and think I'm going to cut that out for her--excited to see it as she said it's sea horses but done in a log cabin process. I'm not visualizing it at all, so will be anxious to see the pattern and material she's picked out. So happy to do something for an auntie I love so much and with whom I've spent hours and hours learning (she tried to teach me piano as a little girl) and just spending wonderful times together. Every Easter we dyed eggs with her family.

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Vicki said...

They look great, love the spiderweb quilt. I've tried machine sewing quilt binding once and it didn't end well. Your pickle dish quilt sounds wonderful!